Honest Experienced Pinball Machine Appraisal for Sales, Divorces and/or Insurance. Coin operated

With over 14 years of in the pinball buying business, I’ve become an expert appraiser of all things containing that elusive little silver ball called a pinball. I’m the proud owner of WeBuyPInball.com, where I help find local collectors to buy your pinball machine. I prefer to educate people when they call me. If the game is dead I try to inform them how much parts and labor will cost if they get it fixed. I’ve even put together a list of local pinball techs in NC. But when the owner has decided to sell, I like to make sure they get a fair market price. Some games are worth next to nothing. Others thousands of dollars. Find out just how much your game is worth today.

Below is a online form that can be filled out and submitted. You can add photos of your game before you send it. I may need additional photos once you submit your arcade game for this FREE arcade game appraisal.

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